Avery’s Bedroom Tour

When we bought our house (per-renovations) we knew that we would have to add bedrooms for our girls in order for the house to work for our family. While we were under contract, we worked with our Contractor and Architect to draw out the upstairs addition. We knew that it would contain the girl’s bedrooms and bathrooms and I also knew that I wanted them to somehow connect. I absolutely love how their layout unfolded and I think the girl’s love it too! Their rooms connect together by a long outer hallway that stems from the stairs leading down to the lower level. Their rooms also connect by their bathrooms…which have a very unique layout as well- check out their Bathroom Tour here!

As for their bedroom design, I wanted the rooms to be feminine, bright and calming. We do not keep too many toys in their rooms as I want their bedrooms to be spaces that they can both mentally & physically relax as they associate them more with sleep more than play. I chose a very neutral color palette keeping Sherwin William “Heron Plume” on the walls and trim. I used Benjamin Moore “Beautiful in my Eyes” cut to 75% on the ceilings to pull in some pale pink. Below are some details on Avery’s Bedroom including sources. Check out Hadley’s Bedroom Here :)


The rustic wooden vanity is from Wayfair. I LOVE this piece and highly recommend it. We went with the Quartz white top, but the black Limestone top would be gorgeous as well with white tile! I am keeping this one in mind for future bathroom renos :) This one is also very similar but a slightly different middle doors. I love this one as well with a different setup! GAH- Wayfair has some great vanities!

I was on the hunt for a pretty specific faucet in here. I wanted one with the separate vintage style knobs denoting the water temperature. I found this one from Kingston Brass on Wayfair and it was exactly what I wanted. A little pricier- but worth it.

The mirror is from Wayfair also, but sadly I don’t think they carry the exact one anymore. This black one is similar and gorgeous! The one that we have is 27.5 inches and a great fit!


The light is from Build.com. This is the exact shade and then I did the goose neck stem. It was $104 total- not bad!

The wall scroll is from Smallwood Home and is only $30! These are so fun to switch out for different holidays and the black and white contrast is perfect in this space!