Porche City Market Tours- Indoors

As I mentioned in my original post HERE with all the details on how we renovated the playhouse, we quickly decided to move it indoors due to the “elements” outside and the girls not using it as much as we wanted. When it came inside, I changed up the whole playroom to become a Marketplace for the girls and their friends to play in! They absolutely love it and it gets played in almost daily :) I highly recommend something like this for little kids as it encourages imaginative play, the use of buying/selling (money) and lets them get really creative! You can find more photos and sources linked below!


The rug in the playroom is extremely affordable and super durable. There are lots of kids constantly playing, eating and coloring in this space and so far (a year later) the rug is still spotless! We got the darker gray one for our basement sunroom area as well. We have been really happy with these rugs so far and we’ve had them for about a year!


We hung these wire shelves from Amazon to hold the produce items. We put these up pretty low on the wall the girls can easily reach them. I found these that would work great too! The sign was a custom sign made from Smallwood Home. I am so obsessed with Smallwood home and this sign y’all. I made it one night on my phone when I couldn’t sleep. It took about 3 minutes and came out PERFECT!! The black shelf is from IKEA along with the faux plants. We use these IKEA shelves as bookshelves too and they are amazing- especially for the price!


The kitchen in here is KidKraft. It was originally pink but I painted it white! I LOVE pottery barn kids play kitchens, but I just could never pull the trigger on the price. The girls love this one just as much. Here is another cute affordable one I found online too! The white play table and chairs are KidKraft too. KidKraft is a great brand- it holds up extremely well and is so affordable.

The gorgeous floral wall rings are from an amazing ETSY store! I have a lot of her work and its all SO intricate and pretty!

I really wanted to do a chicken coop with fresh eggs…I had to get a little creative for this! I found these adorable eggs and carton on Amazon. The coup is a wire crate from Michael’s Arts & Crafts. I got the “nest” at Michael’s Arts & Crafts too :) The chicks are all wind up and hop around (which the girls have fun with).


One of my favorite things to do is decorate Porche City Market for every holiday! Here are some Christmas and Valentine’s day pictures below. Most of the holiday decorations are from Target :)


I bought these little faux topiaries years ago. I can’t find the exact link, but these are really similar :)