Basement Bar

There was an existing bar in the basement before we moved in (see the “before” gallery at the bottom), but it took up A LOT of room and we needed the space to be a lot more functional and family friendly. We toyed around with renovating the previous bar, but ultimately decided to completely remove it and start fresh.


We decided to keep the new setup against the wall. We went with a black leatherized granite (LOVE it!) and we did a weathered wood shiplap from HomeDepot for the backsplash.

We put in a copper bar sink in from Sinkology with a faucet is from Pfister. I LOVE this bar sink and highly recommend it!

We opted for a beverage cooler instead of a wine cooler, so we could also keep kids for the kiddos and waters/beer in here. The basement opens to the pool so this area is frequently used for poolside beverages during the hot Georgia pool days.

My husband spent quite a while making this homemade kegerator. It has two taps so it can fit a keg of beer and we often do carbonated water in the other!


The vintage glasses are a Homegoods find! The CHEERS marque is from Target. The wine coaster and silver bar tray are from Pottery Barn. The tray is from a few years ago, but this gold tray is gorgeous too!


We really love this space! Right now we have two leather bucket seats from World Market and an ottoman for the bar seating, but we may change it up very soon to a high top and bar stools :)

Here are a few “Before” pictures (including one of the cute demo crew)!