Laundry Room Tour

When we bought our house, the previous laundry room was a pretty decent size, but seeing how we needed to use the previous laundry room space add in a pantry, new powder bathroom addition and push out the garage to accommodate, we decided to rework the laundry room location and shifted it to run alongside the back of the house horizontally now close to the garage. For the new laundry room, I knew I wanted white cabinets to remain consistent with the kitchen, a farmhouse sink, black floors and lockers of some sort to organize cleaning items and the girl's things :) I LOVE how this room turned out- bright, clean and functional!

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We had to leave our old washer and dryers at our last house when we sold it, so we bought these new Samsung front loaders, which I love and highly recommend (Here is the Washer/Dryer bundle...we opted for no pedestals due to the counter directly above it). They are pretty quiet and clean very well!

I knew I wanted a large sink in our laundry room as we had more than enough counter space for one. I went with this pretty 33" Apron Front gorgeous Copper Farmhouse Sink by Sinkology. Even with the consistent use of some "harsher" cleaning chemicals, it has held up very well so far! I love the contrast of the copper with the white cabinets and black floors! The faucet is Pfifester. I cannot locate the exact one online, but here is a very similar one. It has a single control on the faucet part, a high arc spout for clearance and reach, a spout that swivels for extra maneuverability and a separate detached spray nozzle. All of these were very important to me for the laundry room sink because I already knew the LARGE amount of cleaning and scrubbing that would happen there :)

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I have always loved the simplicity and texture of butcher block counters and was so excited to be able to have these in the laundry room. We decided not to stain ours, but rather leave it the natural wood color. We sealed it well, but if we do have any issues with it in the future, we can merely re-sand and reseal if/when needed! We got ours from Floor & Decor. I am not 100% sure which one we went with, but I think it is their American Hickory butcher block. I think it is REALLY important to select butcher block in person- there are so many variations and colors that you have to see in person to make the best choice for the look and style that you have in mind.

We chose to save some money and do bead board as the backsplash in here. I will likely change this out to tile one day, but for now it does the trick :)

We needed somewhere to hang our clothes that we don't put in the dryer and this Pottery Barn galvanized steel laundry rack is perfect! I love the simple, yet functional look of this steel and how the mango wood compliments the butcher block counter tops. We can fit so much on this rack as well- A++!!

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Opposite the counter side, we went with a built in "open" locker area. There are pretty large storage cabinets at the top and drawers on the bottom, but we left the middle part open (without doors) for seating space! I will eventually get a cushion to go here but for now, these cute throw pillows will do :) We also put bead board trimmed out on the back of this to tie in with the bead board "back splash" on the opposite side above the counters.

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The hardware in the laundry room is all RH, the same collection we used for the the pantry, Kitchen, bar and sun room cabinet hardware. This hardware was on a large sale when we bought it so we didn't break the bank here but the quality is outstanding!

The linen pillows on the bench are down filled and were from Kirklands (I dont see them online) and the XO pillow is a Homegoods find! If you need some great throw pillows but don't want to break the bank, I would highly suggest looking at both Homegoods and Kirklands!

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The floors are a black porcelain 12x24 tile with platinum grout. Our contractor bought these from a supplier, but I have seen similar ones I love from various places such as these. I absolutely love these floors! I love how the black pops with the lighter grout against it and also how the floors look against the white walls, cabinets and the hardwoods in the kitchen! We decided not to seal this so they have a more "matte" finish. They can look "dirty" at times with lighter grains which bothered me a lot at first to the point where I almost sealed them, but as time passed I grew to love this about them and am now glad we never sealed them!

The copper light in our laundry room is from Shades of Light. I really love the uniqueness of this fixture and how it ties in perfectly with the copper sink :) The LAUNDRY sign is from Hobby Lobby. The current sink rug is an Amazon purchase! I loved this rug so much that I bought four and have them in various places across the main floor :) They were so cheap when I bought them (I think around $7) but it looks like they are sold out right now in a lot of the smaller sizes.

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I hope you enjoyed our Laundry Room tour! Outside of the Laundry Room is the Powder Bath, Pantry and Kitchen!