Dining Room

Welcome to our dining room! For us, we don't have the typical formal dining room and less formal kitchen table area- but instead, we have one of the same. This space is right in the middle of our open concept main floor and functions as our eating area for all sit down dinners. We tend to eat breakfast, lunch and quick dinners at the island and more extensive sit down dinners with family and friends at the dining room table. We love the openess although I am sure it isn't for everyone!


I searched high and low for the perfect table for this space. I needed a 72" table to fill the space and seat the most people since this was our main eating area. I spent a few weeks researching and was very disappointed to find that the majority of round dining tables that I loved only came in a 60" size. I found our table on Restoration Hardware. It was the perfect size and on a major sale (only $500!). Sadly, it seems that RH doesn't carry this size anymore, but they do have a 48" and 60". I both love and hate the fact that it is very rustic and unfinished wood. It is BEAUTIFUL but definitely not durable for kids. Spills and food cannot easily be wiped up, so we tend to reserve this table for adults while the girls are little. I have somewhat adopted the mindset that it's fine if it shows some wear as it will enhance and blend in with the "rusticness" :)


The chandelier is from Pottery Barn. I LOVE this fixture and would definitely recommend it as a fun but classy way to add a little something extra to a dining room. It is on sale right now for $349! My only complaint for this piece would be that the globes can trap dust and aren't the easiest to remove and clean. This isn't the biggest issue now that construction is over, but I am still finding myself removing and running them through the dishwasher once about every six months or so.

PS- If you don't have a Pottery Barn credit card and order from there a good bit, definitely get one! This is the only "other" credit card I am "allowed" to have (says my husband) because we get 10% back on purchases and save a lot of money!


The chairs are from Overstock but are discontinued. I found the exact same ones here for only $299/set- AMAZING price. We have had ours for about 6 years now and they have held up fabulously- not a single tear or stain!

The round dining room rug is from Home Depot. I wanted something that looked nice but wouldn't break the bank because (little) people would be eating over it constantly. This one was on sale for $133- be sure to price shop rugs a ton too because so many places have the same ones at different prices. I really like this rug especially for the price. It is easy to clean and the colors fit what I was looking for really well. It is not really thick and could probably use a rug pad underneath, but I chose not to add one right now since this is not a high traffic area :)


Thanks for touring our dining room :) The Kitchen and Family Room make up the rest of the "open concept" main level!