Incorporating Spring into your decor

I have been on a mission lately to de-winterize our house. The temps may still be dipping into freezing in Atlanta, but I’m so over winter right now!

This weekend I found these amazing faux (but oh so lifelike) tulips from Amazon. I saw some at a boutique the other weekend but couldn’t justify the price. These are even better and only $18.99 for 30! For me, this was enough for two full arrangements.


My husband held these yesterday and repeatedly asked me if they were real! So lifelike- ya’ll! They come in all colors as well :)


Another fun and easy way to usher in Spring is with new throw pillows! I found a bunch at Targèt that were calling my name…and so affordable at $16-$20/piece!


I ended up getting these linen striped ones and this pair of blue and white lumbar pillows (verdict is still out on these if I can accept some color into our space, but they’re gorgeous for sure!)


Happy Spring decorating, y’all!!


Emily (@ThePorchePlace)